On 16 January 2018, the Australian and Tasmanian governments entered into an agreement to develop a City Deal for Hobart in partnership with local governments in the urban Hobart area.

A Hobart City Deal will leverage Hobart’s natural amenity and liveability and support its continued growth as a vibrant, interconnected, skilled and innovative capital.

Hobart is undergoing a period of sustained growth, with the highest annual employment growth of all capital cities, an increasing population and thriving industry sectors such as tourism. A City Deal for Hobart will ensure Hobart has a clear vision and the plans in place to build on its natural advantages to promote sustained jobs and economic growth. A Hobart City Deal will also ensure growth does not come at the cost of Hobart’s significant liveability by addressing any growing pains such as congestion and rental costs.

A Hobart City Deal will consider opportunities to:

  • Cement Hobart’s position as the gateway to East Antarctica and a world leader in Antarctic and Southern Ocean scientific research.
  • Build stronger partnerships between governments to promote coordinated strategic planning outcomes and service delivery.
  • Guide a coordinated approach to transport planning including assessing the feasibility of future public transport options such as busways, light rail or ferries.
  • Support an innovative economy and build capabilities in STEM disciplines.
  • Support affordable housing, improved amenity and residential options.
  • Provide a catalyst for private sector investment and urban renewal opportunities at strategic inner city sites.

The Hobart City Deal will be negotiated between the Australian and Tasmanian governments, in addition to the local government areas of Hobart City, Glenorchy, Kingborough and Clarence.

The three levels of government will collaborate with the private sector and Hobart’s community to identify local priorities, agree to a long-term vision for the city and commit to a coordinated plan of action.

Tasmanian City Deal Memorandum of Understanding

A City Deal for Hobart is negotiated under a Memorandum of Understanding for City Deals in Tasmania signed by the Australian and Tasmanian governments on 29 September 2016, committing to work together to partner in City Deals.

Tasmania’s first City Deal, the Launceston City Deal, was signed on 20 April 2017.