Deliver the Northern Suburbs Revitalisation Plan


Project Description

The Northern Suburbs Revitalisation Plan will provide an integrated approach to revitalising the northern suburbs infrastructure, public space, transport (including pedestrian-priority and active transport), land-use and broader environmental needs - supporting improved lifestyle, social and economic outcomes for residents.

Northern Suburbs to City. Image credit: Rob Burnett
Image credit: Rob Burnett

The NSRP will help improve the quality and attractiveness of the suburbs.  It will clearly outline opportunities and mechanisms for private sector investment. The NSRP will be coordinated with the Regional Economic Development Plan and transport and housing opportunities outlined in the City Deal.

Progress Statement

Development of the Northern Suburbs Revitalisation Plan (NSRP) is progressing well since the appointment of the project officer, but is now expected to be delivered in Q1 2019 (originally Q4 2018) to allow adequate time for community consultation and endorsement of the Launceston City Council. Major achievements include:

  • A dedicated resource responsible for coordinating the development of the NSRP has been appointed.
  • A Steering Committee has been established to ensure the commitments outlined in the NSRP are aligned with the highest priority needs of the community. This Steering Committee is supported by formal Terms of Reference and has met three times since the commencement of the project, including for a program logic workshop.
  • Six pillars that will underpin the NSRP have been identified. These will enable a holistic and integrated community development approach to the focus areas identified in the City Deal. These pillars are:
    • health and wellbeing
    • infrastructure and public spaces
    • housing
    • education
    • transport
    • employment and economic growth
  • Detailed planning, including a Project Plan, Stakeholder Engagement and Communications Plan and Community Engagement Plan is nearing completion.

Next Steps and milestones

Q3 2018: Needs Assessment finalised. This will ensure any strategies in the Northern Suburbs Revitalisation Plan (NSRP) are founded on available evidence.

Q3 and Q4 2018: Stakeholder engagement will occur to inform the commitments detailed in the NSRP.

Q1 2019: The NSRP will be delivered.


Financial Information

The City of Launceston has allocated budget for the employment of the Project Officer and activities required to facilitate the development of the Northern Suburbs Revitalisation Plan.


The City of Launceston, with support from the Tasmanian Government Office of the Coordinator-General, will develop and implement the Northern Suburbs Revitalisation Plan (NSRP).

The City of Launceston will report to the Launceston City Deal Executive Board on progress with the NSRP.