Deliver an updated plan for the central city


Project Description

The Council will produce an updated integrated plan for the central city area covering the Cataract Gorge, North Bank (to be officially named), the new university campus at Inveresk, the Esplanade precinct and the CBD.

The plan will build on the 2014 Greater Launceston Plan and subsequent developments in the central city area as detailed through the City Heart project.

CBD North Bank. Image credit: Rob Burnett
Image credit: Rob Burnett

The plan will address future infrastructure, social needs, land use, communication, transport, water, climate resilience and other environmental objectives and promote greater density and in fill development.

Progress Statement

The City of Launceston is developing a project plan for this commitment.

Next Steps and Milestones

Q2 2019: Complete project plan.

2020: Central city plan delivered.

Financial Information

The cost of developing the central city plan is funded by the City of Launceston.


City of Launceston to deliver the plan.