Increase infill development in the CBD


Project Description

The Council will assess options for an in-fill development partnership between the City of Launceston and the Tasmanian Government in the context of the recently reviewed planning provisions (the Tasmanian Planning Scheme reforms).

Increase infill development in the CBD


This could include opportunities to make better use of under-used brownfield and greyfield land in the city centre and to review planning provisions to maximise opportunities for in-fill development.

Progress Statement

The City of Launceston and the Tasmanian Government are working together to explore innovative solutions to meet building code requirements, and working with stakeholders like the Launceston Chamber of Commerce on ways to encourage inner city living projects.

A collaborative project brief has been developed to:

  • Enable the responsible partners to meet the key commitment in the Launceston City Deal to increase in-fill development in Launceston's CBD.
  • Help Government to respond to the growing demand for well-located housing in our urban centres by providing a broader understanding of the current barriers to infill housing development.

The Tasmanian Government has provided an additional $150,000 to the commitment and has engaged a consultant to develop a report that will demonstrate the economic and social benefits that accrue from in-fill development and to better understand regulatory and other barriers to such development.  The report will provide direction on how to best provide and facilitate innovative infill housing development in Tasmania.

The outcomes of the consultancy will:

  • inform the Tasmanian Government’s work to respond to the growing demand for well-located housing within our existing urban centres by:
    • providing a clear understanding about the current extent of in-fill housing development occurring in Tasmania and the planning outcomes.
    • providing a broader understanding of the current barriers to in-fill housing development.
    • describing current in-fill housing trends beyond what is currently occurring and that might be suitable in the Tasmanian context.
  • the provision of recommendations in relation to facilitating in-fill housing development and overcoming both perceived and actual barriers and identifying opportunities to negotiate pathways that will deliver the best housing outcomes for the Tasmanian community.
  • a report that will assist the City of Launceston in identifying suitable areas to support in-fill development within the CBD.

City of Launceston is also overseeing a number of initiatives aimed at streamlining the regulatory processes involved and providing helpful information to potential developers.

There is a trend towards inner city living which is taking place organically and City Deal projects including Launceston City Heart are geared at making Launceston's CBD a vibrant and livable place, with enhanced amenity and activity both day and night.  The University of Tasmania relocation has provided a general increase in optimism for developers and investors.  There is an increase in economic activity with public and private investment taking place around the city and this is providing a confidence for investment.

Next Steps and Milestones

Q2 2018: Consultant engaged to complete the ‘Toward in-fill Housing Development’ report.

Q4 2018: Complete assessment of in-fill development.

Financial Information

Costs associated with increasing in-fill development are funded through existing resources from the Tasmanian Government and City of Launceston.

Funding partners:

  • City of Launceston
  • $150 000 - Tasmanian Government


The Tasmanian Government (Office of the Coordinator-General and the Department of State Growth) and the City of Launceston.