Greater Launceston Transformation Project


Project Description

The Tasmanian Government will assist northern Tasmanian councils (Launceston City Council, Meander Valley Council, George Town Council, West Tamar Council) to work together on identifying key technology needs and opportunities. This could include applying for funding through the Australian Government’s Smart Cities and Suburbs Program and applying to participate in the Smart Cities and Suburbs Program incubation package.

Greater Launceston Transformation Project

Progress Statement

The Office of the Coordinator-General commenced discussions with the City of Launceston, West Tamar, Meander Valley and George Town councils to explore smart city approaches to improving service delivery and innovation across the Greater Launceston area.

After two months of consultation and collaboration with the councils, the University of Tasmania and Telstra, the Greater Launceston Transformation project (GLTP) was developed.

The GLTP aims to address regional challenges of economic growth, education attainment and social inclusion. We are challenging ourselves – to build a socially inclusive thriving community competing on a global stage. 

The GLTP enables collaboration across four local Councils, the Tasmanian Government, higher education and the private sector to deliver outcomes across four main workstreams of: innovation, a digital city, education and employment pathways and digital opportunities for industry.

The workstreams will deliver smart analytics to build better educational outcomes, new 3D virtual city modelling tools to transform city planning processes, a community co-designed innovation framework and hub, development of a roadmap to build our intelligent city of the future and planning the deployment of smart technology in industries of the future such as aged care and smart emergency response systems.

The project was submitted for funding under round one of the Australian Government’s Smart Cities and Suburbs Program and was awarded $1.6 million in funding in November 2017.

The project commenced on 30 November 2017.

Next Steps and Milestones

Q3 2018: Completion of 3D models covering 6,567 square kilometres and incorporating live 3D scenario modelling.

Q3 2018: People analytics completed that outline patterns of people movement and density and insights into how residents, workers, students and visitors use our city.

Q3 2018: Design and operating model of the innovation framework and hub completed.

Q3 2018: Digital roadmap for councils and emergency response services completed.

The Office of the Coordinator General is working with councils of the Greater Launceston area region to identify opportunity for round 2 of the Smart Cities and Suburbs Program.

Financial Information

Funding: $3.5 Million

Funding partners:

  • $1,580,000 - Australian Government
  • $600,000 - Tasmanian Government
  • $295,400 - Launceston City Council
  • $72,940 - West Tamar Council
  • $72,940 - Meander Valley Council
  • $31,470 - George Town Council
  • $250,000 - University of Tasmania
  • $598,050 - Telstra


Tasmanian Office of the Coordinator General in partnership with regional councils.