Support schools to extend to years 11 and 12 by 2024


Project Description

The extension of high schools to years 11 and 12 will be rolled out in partnership with schools and the broader community.

Support schools to extend to years 11 and 12 by 2024

Progress Statement

In Launceston, two of the five high schools currently not offering Years 11 and 12 will extend their program in 2019. These schools are Kings Meadows High School and Prospect High School, which will be preparing this year to commence offering Year 11 from 2019 and Year 12 from 2020.

The three remaining high schools are: Brooks High School; Queechy High School; and Riverside High School.

The Tasmanian Department of Education is working with these remaining high schools to explore extending to years 11 and 12 in the future.

Next Steps and Milestones

Ongoing until 2022: Provide support to schools wishing to extend to years 11 and 12.

Financial Information

The cost is part of the Tasmanian Government’s state-wide Years 11-12 Extension School Program.


The Tasmanian Government in partnership with schools and the broader community that choose to participate in the extension program.