Deliver a Launceston Cultural Strategy


Project Description

Deliver a Launceston Cultural Strategy in 2018 in partnership with local cultural organisations and Aboriginal associations, to better coordinate and promote cultural events, invest in new cultural assets, review City of Launceston processes and assets that support or influence cultural considerations and incorporate arts and culture as a key element of city planning.

Deliver a Launceston Cultural Strategy


The Cultural Strategy will recommend actions to promote a sense of belonging and pride for the community. It will leverage Launceston’s status as Australia’s third oldest city, its Aboriginal heritage and the Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery to increase local engagement in cultural activities and promote Launceston as a year round cultural tourism destination.

The activities identified in the strategy will help inform city wide planning initiatives such as the Northern Suburbs Revitalisation Plan and City Heart project.

Progress Statement

Q3 2017: A cultural unit was established in the City of Launceston and an Executive Officer appointed for 12 months to provide expert cultural consultancy.

Q1 2018: As part of this work, a feasibility study on the Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery was commissioned and completed in June 2018. An interim report has been provided to the City of Launceston.

Next Steps and Milestones

Q3 2018: Project Plan and governance structure to be endorsed incorporating community consultation to be implemented.

Q3 2018: Strategy published, implemented until 2022.

Financial Information

Costs associated with delivering a Launceston Cultural Strategy is funded by the City of Launceston.


The City of Launceston in partnership with local cultural organisations, agencies, practitioners and Aboriginal associations.