Deliver a Launceston Cultural Strategy


Project Description

The City of Launceston committed to deliver a Launceston Cultural Strategy in partnership with local cultural organisations and Aboriginal associations, to:

  • better coordinate and promote cultural events,
  • invest in new cultural assets,
  • review City of Launceston processes and assets that support or influence cultural considerations, and
  • incorporate arts and culture as a key element of city planning.

Deliver a Launceston Cultural Strategy

The Cultural Strategy will recommend actions to promote a sense of belonging and pride for the community. It will leverage Launceston’s status as Australia’s third oldest city, its Aboriginal heritage and the Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery to increase local engagement in cultural activities and promote Launceston as a year round cultural tourism destination.

The activities identified in the strategy will help inform city wide planning initiatives such as My Place My Future, Smart Cities and the City Heart project, as well as DNA Launceston and Tomorrow Together Community Engagement roll outs.

Progress Statement

In June 2018, the QVMAG Feasibility Study was completed and presented to Council and a decision was taken to extend and expand the Strategy document and further incorporate community engagement.

In November 2018, the Cultural Strategy survey was launched on the Council's online community engagement platform, “Your Voice, Your Launceston”, resulting in the second-highest response rate ever received, with more than 270 submissions. The responses have been analysed and a summary released publically. This analysis will form the basis of the next round of stakeholder communications and community engagement.

In May 2019, the City of Launceston and the University of Tasmania (UTAS) formalised an agreement to ensure the unique opportunities presented by the UTAS co-location and revitalisation of the Inveresk precinct are maximised in the Cultural Strategy.

Through the development of the strategy a number of projects have been identified for future priority, including several culturally based infrastructure projects such as the enhancement of Albert Hall, QVMAG and the establishment of a new multi-purpose indoor stadium.  An election commitment was made by the Australian Government for $10 million to progress these initiatives, with a particular focus on the Albert Hall.

The draft Cultural Strategy is expected to be delivered in September 2019, and released for public comment and community consideration before being formally published and implemented until 2022.

Key Milestones Achieved

  • September 2018:  Consultants engaged to deliver the Strategy.
  • November 2018: Your Voice Your Launceston campaign to collect data from community and creative industries completed.
  • December 2018: Community Consultation underway, including through the online Your Voice Your Launceston survey.
  • December 2018: Completion of data collection via survey.
  • March 2019: Data analysis and shaping of Cultural Strategy framework.
  • May 2019: Partnership with University of Tasmania.
  • June 2019: Engagement of Consultant to finalise the Cultural Strategy and incorporate the joint ambitions and opportunities between the City of Launceston and University of Tasmania, teaching and learning opportunities (co-funded position).

Key Next Steps

  • August 2019: Robyn Archer AO engaged to review and ensure Strategy delivers on the foundation vision of the Cultural Strategy project.
  • September 2019: Draft Cultural Strategy delivered.
  • September 2019: Public Comment and Community engagement.
  • September/October 2019: Cultural Strategy published and implemented until 2022.

Financial Information

Costs associated with delivering a Launceston Cultural Strategy is funded by the City of Launceston.


The City of Launceston in partnership with local cultural organisations, agencies, practitioners and Aboriginal associations.