Project Description

The Paterson Barracks will be divested from the Australian Government Defence portfolio and will be revitalised with public accessibility to the site increased. 

Patterson Barracks

Progress Statement

Minister for Defence Senator the Hon Marise Payne confirmed on Monday 26 June 2017 that Defence will seek to progress the redevelopment of Paterson Barracks.

The Australian Government Department of Defence has undertaken consultation with a variety of local Launceston community groups that have specific connection with Paterson Barracks on the future use of the Barracks. Defence will also work with the Tasmanian Government and the City of Launceston to consult the broader Launceston community.

Defence has engaged KPMG to undertake an initial business case which includes the relocation of units out of Paterson Barracks as well as the related development of a new cadet facility in North Launceston. The initial business case was completed in June 2018 with final Government approval towards the end of 2019.

Next Steps and Milestones

Q2 2018: Initial Business Case.

Ongoing: Community consultation on future uses of Patterson Barracks site.

Q4 2019: Detailed Business Case complete.

TBD: Decision regarding approach to divestment strategy for Paterson Barracks.

Financial Information

$5 million from the Australian Government Department of Defence to build new fit-for-purpose facilities for 16 Troop at the larger Youngtown Barracks site, to support the divestment of Patterson Barracks.


Australian Government Department of Defence.

Defence to undertake consultation with Launceston community groups in combination with the Tasmanian Government and the City of Launceston.