Strengthening of formal consultation between representatives of the Department of Defence, Defence Industries Queensland and a new Townsville City Council Defence Liaison Officer. Leverage existing support delivered by locally-based AusIndustry (supported by the Centre for Defence Industry Capability) and Queensland Government programs to build a diversified and sustainable local industry.

These consultative opportunities for local industry will promote greater jobs growth, job skilling for the local labour sector and long-term opportunities and support to local businesses.


Collaboration between the Australian Government, the Queensland Government and Townsville City Council.

Progress to Date

Townsville City Council appointed a senior official to lead the attraction of defence industries to Townsville.

The Townsville City Deal Defence Working Group (the Working Group) continued to support positive relationships with all stakeholders and considered Australian Government procurement issues and governance arrangements with the recently established North and South Queensland Defence Advisory Boards and Queensland Ministerial Advisory Council on Defence Industry and Jobs.

The North Queensland Defence Advisory Board (NQDAB), established by the Queensland Government in September 2018, will provide advice to the Queensland Government on building North Queensland’s industry capacity and will work to grow the defence industry sector in Northern Queensland through identifying supply chain gaps and opportunities for suppliers.

The Working Group aims to promote the capabilities of Townsville businesses, and work with them to maximise their potential to participate in defence industry projects. To this end, the Working Group will coordinate with the NQDAB to identify opportunities for local businesses to access North Queensland’s defence industry supply chain.

Next Steps

The Working Group will continue to work with relevant Australian and Queensland Government defence consultative bodies, including the Queensland Government’s Defence Supply Chain Hub—Townsville and the Australian Government’s Centre for Defence Industry Capability.

As a related initiative, Townsville City Council will create the Townsville Defence Sector Forum to establish a local consultative framework and provide strategic input and guidance in the identification and development of Townsville Defence and Defence Industry capability.

Another related initiative is a $5 million commitment by Queensland Government to support Townsville with the development of a defence supply chain hub for Northern Queensland. Funding to be expended over 2018–19 to 2021. The operating model for the hub is being developed in consultation with industry stakeholders.