Managing Energy Costs and Boost Energy Productivity



Deliver a program of energy efficiency measures to reduce peak energy demands across Townsville. This will be done through investigating opportunities to finance a range of sustainable energy and water efficiency measures. Potential measures could include upgrades of commercial buildings across the city, smart water solutions and a cooling district within the CBD. These investments will have potential to catalyse new jobs in smart water solutions, energy efficiency and renewable technologies while reducing energy demand. We will work together to reduce energy consumption.

These projects will improve the quality and comfort of commercial building stock, improve energy resilience, increase trade and investment, and allow Townsville to become a leader in energy efficiency and renewable energies.


Led by Townsville City Council in consultation with the Queensland and Australian Governments (e.g. Clean Energy Finance Corporation).

Progress to Date

Townsville City Council has continued to assess the requirements of businesses, including opportunities to increase energy resilience and the potential to integrate renewable energy sources into commercial processes.

In late 2018, pilot projects were identified for inclusion into the Energy Strategy.

Next Steps

First half 2019: Townsville City Council will consult with the Clean Energy Finance Corporation and businesses regarding the draft Energy Strategy.

Q2 2019: Finalise the Energy Strategy.