Townsville Water Security, Supply and Use Strategy



Ross River Dam


Appoint an intergovernmental taskforce to investigate short, medium and long-term solutions to water security for Townsville, considering investment in water supply infrastructure and management of demand.

The Taskforce will build on existing studies and research to identify a series of preferred options to improve Townsville’s water security. These will include options to improve the security of water supply and amend water service standards and pricing. This will be complemented by local water efficiency programs and new technologies that will support Townsville residents and businesses to save water.

The approach will ensure a sustainable, secure long-term water supply for Townsville and increase the region’s capacity to support future population and industry growth.

Progress to date

The Townsville Water Security Taskforce was announced on 11 March 2017. The Taskforce is independently chaired by Townsville businessman Mr Brad Webb. The Taskforce delivered its Interim Report on 30 June 2017. The Interim Report provides a list of short and medium term recommendations and long term options to three levels of Government following a process of consultation, technical reviews and deliberations.

The Queensland Government committed $225 million to implement the findings of the Taskforce, which includes $215 million to build the duplicate pipeline and $10 million to deliver a Community Water Transition Package.

Delivered milestones

Q1 2017 — Establishment of Townsville Water Security Taskforce.

Q2 2017 — Delivery of interim report to the Prime Minister and Premier of Queensland.

Next steps and milestones

Next steps

The Taskforce’s Final Report is due to be submitted to the Prime Minister and the Premier of Queensland in September 2018, once further technical studies are completed.

Next milestones

Q3 2018 — Delivery of final report to the Prime Minister and the Premier of Queensland.


Collaboration between Townsville City Council, the Commonwealth Government and the Queensland Government.