Acceleration of the State Development Area (SDA)





Develop a business case for the acceleration of the SDA in consultation with the Townsville Industrial Development Board. This will build on existing work between the Queensland Government and Townsville City Council to identify opportunities to accelerate the SDA.

Progress to date

During Q2 2017, the Queensland Government completed the business case and approved funding towards the purchase of land to attract suitable industry investment and accelerate development in the Townsville SDA.

The Queensland Government has engaged with key stakeholders and is now negotiating to purchase land in the SDA. Once land is acquired, the Queensland Government will work with key stakeholders (including the Townsville Industrial Development Board) to facilitate industrial and port related development opportunities in the SDA.

Delivered milestones

Q2 2017 — Business case completed and funding for purchase of land in the SDA secured by the Queensland Government.

Next steps and milestones

Next steps

Following land acquisition, the Queensland Government will work with a diverse range of port, rail and road dependent industries to explore opportunities for new development in the SDA, including manufacturing, minerals processing, freight, logistics and bulk storage.

Next milestones

Q1 2018 and ongoing — The Queensland Government will work with the Townsville Industrial Development Board and key stakeholders to actively seek and convert industrial development opportunities within the SDA.


Led by the Queensland Government in collaboration with the Townsville City Council.