Investigate the upgrade to the Flinders Highway/Woodstock-Giru Road intersection to enable access to, and the development of the Woodstock industrial and export estate. Consider the ongoing business case, feasibility and master planning being progressed by Townsville City Council to detail the rationale for investment.


Led by the Queensland Government in collaboration with Townsville City Council.

Progress to Date

In December 2018, the Queensland Government finalised a Project Proposal and Options Analysis that establishes the safest and most efficient access location between the Woodstock Industrial Precinct (also known as Lansdown Industrial Estate) and the Flinders  Highway.

The Project Proposal and Options Analysis builds on the Lansdown Opportunities Assessment Masterplan and Infrastructure Strategy, completed in 2017.

The Townsville City Council continued to develop a separate masterplan for the Woodstock Industrial Precinct to inform planning scheme amendments.

Next Steps

Townsville City Council will complete the land use masterplan, and associated planning scheme amendments, for the Woodstock Industrial Precinct.