Health and Knowledge Development Strategy



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The Queensland Government and Townsville City Council will work with key stakeholders to deliver development that supports the health and knowledge sectors of the Townsville economy. The project will focus upon strategic smart precincts across the city, including the key anchors of the CBD and James Cook University’s Douglas Campus. These key locations will be supported by digital connectivity, smart technology, public transport and housing choice, and will capitalise upon opportunities offered by the North Queensland Stadium and a potential sports science facility, new private hospitals, and health tourism. This project will investigate opportunities to co-locate health and knowledge employment hubs with residential accommodation and public transport routes in key locations across the city.

Progress to date

The Queensland Government has established an initial Steering Group with Townsville City Council and the universities. The Steering Group first met on 24 July 2017 to agree on the scope and key work to be addressed in the development of the strategy that will guide the government and private sectors in delivering on the potential of Townsville’s health and knowledge precincts. Work has commenced on the framework of a Health and Knowledge Development Strategy including consultation with Townsville City Council and the universities in late 2017.

Delivered milestones

Q2 2017 — The governance arrangements and framework for collaboration were finalised with the establishment of the Townsville Health and Knowledge Strategy Steering Group.

Next steps and milestones

Next steps

The Steering Group will finalise the draft Health and Knowledge Strategy and identify a series of actions and collaboration opportunities.

Next milestones

Q1 2018 — Broaden the Steering Group membership to include other key health and knowledge stakeholders and commence collaborative preparation of the Health and Knowledge Development Strategy.

Q2 2018 — Finalise the Health and Knowledge Development Strategy including a series of actions and collaborative opportunities.


Led by the Queensland Government in cooperation with Townsville City Council, James Cook University, Central Queensland University, Townsville and Mater Hospitals, and other key stakeholders.