Smart City Strategy


Townsville will plan, conduct and implement a Smart City Strategy to maximise the use of digital connectivity to provide greater public value for services, improved service delivery, and stronger economic conditions for local employment.

Townsville will provide a City Dashboard to encourage deep community engagement through transparency and accountability. It will openly share targets, goals and current reporting such as service delivery, air quality, business investments and jobs being created.

Progress to date

Townsville City Council is working with leaders in this field to develop a Smart City Strategy for Townsville. The development of the strategy is progressing well.

An important component of the Strategy’s development will be broad engagement with stakeholders across the community and business sectors. This work should be undertaken in the second quarter of 2018.

Delivered milestones

Q2 2017 — Explore funding for several initiatives from the Smart Cities and Suburbs Program.

Next steps and milestones

Next steps

Once engagement has been completed, the Smart City Strategy for Townsville will be finalised and work will commence on its implementation.

Next milestones

Q2 2018 — A comprehensive Smart City Strategy for Townsville will be developed prioritising initiatives and funding/financing streams.

Q2 2018 — City Dashboard finalised.


Led by Townsville City Council and working with the Queensland Government to identify opportunities for funding and delivering smart city projects in the Townsville area.