Townsville City Council will plan, conduct and implement a Smart City Strategy to maximise the use of digital connectivity to provide greater public value for services, improved service delivery, and stronger economic conditions for local employment.

Townsville City Council will provide a City Dashboard to encourage deep community engagement through transparency and accountability. It will openly share targets, goals and current reporting such as service delivery, air quality, business investments and jobs being created.


Led by Townsville City Council and working with the Queensland Government to identify opportunities for funding and delivering smart city projects in the Townsville area.

Progress to Date

In November 2018, Townsville City Council launched its Smart City Strategy, Smart Townsville. After a series of workshops with industry leaders and the community, Smart Townsville was developed incorporating the principles of a Smart City. Working through the Local Partnership Forum, Council will focus on the delivery of key projects within five core pillars:

  • Delivering an open and engaged Council
  • Implementing a citizen centric Council
  • Facilitating innovation, entrepreneurship and economic activation
  • Focusing on placemaking and liveability
  • Delivering best practice infrastructure and asset management

Smart Townsville includes the development of a City Dashboard, as well as supporting Industry 4.0 activation through the delivery of the Townsville Data Centre.

Next Steps

Q1 2019: Continue with the implementation of the works under the five core pillars within the Smart Townsville strategy, including the launch of the City Dashboard.