Townsville City Deal

  • The Townsville City Deal – Australia’s first – is the city’s roadmap for the future.
  • The City Deal is a 15-year partnership between all governments and the community to secure the economic success of Townsville and its people.
  • Through the Deal we have established a shared plan for Townsville’s future – one that will deliver confidence for industry and investors, create more jobs and stimulate a more diverse economy.
  • All of the 16 commitments in the Deal are geared towards growing the economy of Townsville and strengthening Townsville as a prosperous and lifestyle-rich city.
  • The Implementation Plan identifies how commitments under the Deal will be delivered over the next five years, but it is just the start of the process.
  • The three levels of government welcome ideas from local businesses, researchers, investors, and community on how they can support the delivery of the City Deal.
  • Stakeholders will be engaged through Local Partnership Forums in March and September each year.

Benefits and achievements – May 2017

  • Appointment of Watpac as the Managing Contractor for North Queensland Stadium (1 May 2017). Work on site will commence later in 2017.
  • Appointment of Townsville Water Security Taskforce investigate short-, medium- and long-term solutions to Townsville’s water security (17 March 2017).
  • Announcement of the Board of the Townsville-based Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) for Developing Northern Australia (20 February 2017). An early project funding round is now open for collaborative research for tropical health and agriculture projects.
  • Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC) has established a local presence in Townsville and has confirmed financing for two major investments in renewable energy - the Kidston Renewable Energy Hub and the Ross River Solar Farm near Townsville (February 2017).
  • First round of the Queensland International Education and Training Partnership Fund announced. Townsville Enterprise Ltd will build Townsville’s appeal as an international education and training destination as part of the Townsville City Deal.

City Deals

  • Well-functioning cities are critical for the economy and the Australian community. Cities are where most Australians live, and where the majority of economic activity takes place.
  • Liveable and well-planned cities attract businesses, create jobs and opportunities, spark ideas and innovation, and support growth and economic success.
  • In April 2016, the Prime Minister launched the Smart Cities Plan, which sets out a national vision for Australia's cities and a commitment to use smart investment, smart policy and smart technology to make our cities wonderful places to live and work.
  • City Deals are the main tool for delivering the Smart Cities Plan.
  • A coordinated effort by all three levels of government towards shared goals is needed if our cities are to grow as liveable and productive places and reach their full potential.
  • City Deals are agreements between national, state and local governments to coordinate investment, planning and reform in a defined area.
  • City Deals are based on collaboration across all levels of government, and are developed with active community and private sector involvement.
  • City Deals are tailored to meet local needs. Every city faces unique challenges and opportunities; each city deal will be different, reflecting the needs and solutions identified by the people who live and work there.