City Deal partners will work with the Port of Townsville Limited (PoTL) to finalise the Business Case for submission to Queensland Shareholding Ministers which should clearly outline the direct and indirect benefits of widening the existing navigational channels, with a goal to ensuring growth of trade and maximising the efficiency of existing port infrastructure.

Finalisation of the Business Case will also require an articulation of the impact of international shipping trends on the sustainability of the Port of Townsville, and how the channel capacity upgrade could contribute to improving the efficiency of freight movement in and out of North Queensland.


Led by the Queensland Government through PoTL, who will deliver the project.

Progress to Date

The Australian Government approved the environmental impact statement for the $193 million project on 5 February 2018 and, on 3 September 2018, announced a financial contribution of $75 million (matching the Queensland Government's contribution).
The remaining $43 million will be contributed by PoTL.

Site preparatory works, including the establishment of site facilities, are complete. Several tenders are progressing and the tender for dredging works will be released soon. Engineering reports are under review. Environmental monitoring works are progressing.

The Port Channel Capacity Upgrade is the first stage of the $1.64 billion Port of Townsville Port Expansion Project.

Next Steps

Continue community and stakeholder engagement, project procurement activities and environmental baseline programs to inform management of construction and dredging works.

Q2 2019: Commence rock wall construction works after finalising agreements for sourcing and supply of rock for reclamation works. 

Q2 2020: Commence dredging works, with all of the capital dredge material removed beneficially reused at the Port Reclamation Area to create more land for the Port’s future developments.